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Jamal 2“Jamal”(Camel) is known as the ship of the desert. The quilt depicts an image from a photograph taken by myself of a camel ride in Palmyra Syria. The carved limestone structures standing on the sand show the example of Roman architecture. Tea dyed fabrics, hand and machine appliquéd, raw edge appliqué, thread painting,layering,embellished ,machine quilted and pieced.”
and used authentic Arabic
 embellishments to decorate the camel.

Jamal won second place in Art quilt category  in the recently held Kuwait Textile Arts Annual exhibition.


my quilts

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Images to quilts

‘ Images to quilts’  that is what is keeping my thoughts  and hands busy.


I have been busy last few weeks. I have been updating all my albums stored in my computer, sorting them out.Starting of the new group ‘Images to quilts’ was  close to my heart  as  that is what is really me as a quilter, I like sharing my thoughts with like minded people. I did not take much time to pick this name to my group or the workshop as ‘that is me’ all along . I am a photographer first and quilter later.   As I pulled piece after after piece of my old quilts  I realized they all had some image inspiration  from my own travels  and  my photographs.

That is what I really like as a quilter and hobby photographer combined together. The workshops i did on images to quilts -landscapes was the best for me as a teacher  I enjoyed doing them. I do paper piecing too. But that is an existing technique and the creative juice flow is limited where as in images to quilts I  involved techniques which I invented, and modified with each quilt, and that is fun part.

Jamal 2my quiltsP1020566-001

The scores of tours I did all over the world with my family  has yielded in loads of photographs.The Great Wall of China, the  sunsets of Scandinavia , Russia, Petra,Dead sea in Jordan, Machu Pichu in Peru, the snow peaks of Kashmir,Pyramids of Egypt,Tajmahal in Agra,Leaning tower of Pisa,the skyscraper in New york, lake Titicaca,  the Niagara falls, the rocky mountains in Oman,   landscapes in India,the list can go and on. As I sit back and look at the images from this travels I wonder is this life time enough to convert them into quilts.

But the few I am doing now is giving me such immense pleasure. I don’t mind how many I do but it makes me happy and takes me back in time to my travels and the beautiful time I spent with my family.

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3D quilts

Zinnia Garden-Mixed Media


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Zardosi work artisans


Time stops here. I have met this guy a few years ago, seeing him again I felt time has frozen.

Nothing has changed.The same discolored walls, same wooden frame, same coree beads  and the  same happy face  creating a boarder with pearl beads and Zardosi chamki thread work.

This needs a lot of eye hand coordination . But the way these artisans handle the tiny beads are amazing.




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Jamal-Art quilt

Jamal 2Jamal’ is going to be displayed in International quilt festival Birmingham England from 7th of August 2013 as a part of the exhibit called cross roads.

‘Jamal ‘(Camel) is known as the ship of the desert. They were the only means of transport in the desert terrain in olden days. In recent years they are also used in touristic locations in Arab countries. The quilt depicts an image from a photograph taken by my self in a trip to Syria. This depicts a camel ride in Palmyra Syria There is practically no era not represented in Syria Palmyra, the
great caravan city at westernmost point of the silk road. The carved limestone structures standing on the sand show the examples of Roman architecture.

photo-5Tea dyed fabric,  3D applique,  thread painting,pure cotton  and tule,machine quilting and piecing.

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14th Annual quilt exhibition

The 14th Annual Kuwait textile arts exhibition saw 150 exhibits and 30 winners  in all.The best of show was a beautiful  art quilt called ‘My Omani friend’  by Hayfa Al Mughni , a well deserved win.The exhibition also brought a few pleasant surprises to me. Ailing from a  frozen shoulder most part of the year,  I   could not do my 100% and did not expect much. But it is always a nice feeling to win a few awards. My ‘ReLeaf’ in the applique category won the second place. This quilt is dear to my heart as it is a very original thought and composition and i had gone all around Kuwait picking leaves(it is difficult find trees here) painting them and getting the impression to applique.

20130527_182347I also  had two foundation paper pieced projects. A3d box called ‘Contained’ which won highly commendable ribbon , it was  a difficult piece because of the “Y’ seams  and the intricate quilting  around  it with color on color. This one took me month to make.And there was a easy one, a parrot  called ‘Shuka’  which I  had completed in three days:)

P1030606In the last minute a day before the exhibition I wanted to do a fun piece and came up with ‘Tanager’ an art quilt.took me  day to make it.


I  also had a fun piece in the home accessory section. it was fun to do these Yoyo’s while I was suffering from the frozen shoulder and could not use my machine to quilt.’Blooming Yoyo’s’ was hung in the home accessory section.

294268_660803713937129_1337789636_nThe exhibition  was well organized and arranged .


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KTAA 14th Annual Exhibtion

This is the 14th year of the Kuwait textile arts  group exhibition and  what an incredible journey it was. I had exhibited in  all the last thirteen years , but this year may be  my least participation thanks to a haunting  frozen shoulder, which tormented me for the whole year.Few small pieces made at the last moment may not be great but it just made me feel I can still quilt.Sally Accomb- Himalayan flowers2009

Leaves from trees picked around Kuwait are painted with Fabric paint, impression taken on fabric, cut and appliqued. An effort to save the real leaves impression as greenery is rare in Kuwait