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Art Works




Rays Of Hope

Rays of Hope10x8 inches-AcquiredArtist's statement- At the end of every dark tunnel there is a ray of light. Never loose Hope.


I have dyed the background pure cotton pink fabric in indigo dye using the shibori and blocking techniques. It was then layered with felt backing , embellished with metallic thread, bobbin thread embroidery, crystal beads,sequins, free motion writing with silver metallic thread and quilted with variegated thread. The photographs of hands and flower are printed on special fabric using the ink jet printer and machine appliqued on top. The quilt is mounted on a board. And ready to frame.

Sun flowers for a smile

Arishadvargas – are the six enemies of human beings. They are Lust,Anger, Greed,Love,Pride and Envy. these are like the horses which drive a chariot. It is always a question of who is in control? The horses or you?If you can control them it leads you from dark to light. Or you are lost in darkness for ever.

Fabric Canvas on wood sheet base with Jesso work and rubber work, Acrylic colors and Jute boarder were used to create this Mural.Size-12×9.5 inches



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