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Book Club &Me

Books were my dear friends through out my child hood.   I fondly remember those  rainy days , sitting in the  porch of my house, a book in hand and a bowl of nuts by the side,    oblivious to  the rest of the world and my mothers shouting.The main attraction of holidays are  getting time to read with out disturbance.

My  transition to English as a mode of communication also saw the end my reading habits. To read a book , check the meaning in the dictionary was too much a task. So i took the easy way out and read only magazines. I was not even daring to be a part of any book club but for  Le-Ann & Patricia   welcoming me with an open heart &mind and   with Patricia’s   guidance  I am back again in  to that time of child hood. I will be ever grateful to these lovely ladies for letting  me in into their well formed  club,and letting me   see the  rain in this country of scorching  Sun.

Do I see a dictionary now? No. What  are husbands for??

Book Review.for this month

The White  Tiger-

Half of a Yellow Sun-


One comment on “Book Club &Me

  1. LLLOOOLLL @ what are husbands for?

    I love your blog, WT, and thanks for the reminder that I need to send out notice that we will be meeting May 17th! AFTER the quilt show!

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