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Shyamala Rao

Quilt artist/Instructor



Me and the Banyan Tree

I associate my self with the ‘Banyan tree’. Banyan tree starts from a single root but spreads across miles and each new branch gets rooted in the new soil, same time the original root stays solid in place. Like the banyan tree I have traveled lot ,lived in different cultures,different countries, made friends of different nationalities,  learnt a lot along the way but never forgot my original roots.The process of growing for me is always been adding new things to what is existing, not throwing the old away.

I am a married lady, having two grown up sons, I live with my husband,love traveling , I have been quilting since 1999.  Entered  international exhibition in Houston as a finalist  in 2009 with my quilt “Mahabat  Maqbara” .

I am a  two times winner of best of show in Kuwait up till now  and winning several other prizes to several quilts and judges choice  too. Most of my quilts my winning  quilts are  original compositions based on the photographs I take. I  work as a  quilt instructor  for several techniques , lecture  and demo for the group often and volunteer as a news letter editor/webmaster  to our group-web site. http://www.kuwaittextilearts.org

My hobbies are photography,quilting,arts and craft ,and fun sports. I love out door activities. Fairly good player of chess and scrabble. Love swimming . I find peace in being with nature.

All the photographs posted in this blog are taken and owned by myself .

Shyamala Rao


Girl Under the Banyan Tree


3 comments on “About Me

  1. You forgot to mention that you are one of the best friends; loyal, kind, considerate and always there when someone needs you. 🙂

  2. hi its all ready caught my interest ,and let me tell you that you are stubbornly original

  3. This is great, good for you.

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