Portrait Quilting

Boating In Titicaca-Based on Photograph

Boating In Titicaca-Based on Photograph


Pensive Mood

Pensil sketch-Portrait class work

Pencil sketch-Portrait class work

These are my second attempt at photo fabrication. This all started when Penny, my co-group leader announced the portrait challenge, ‘self portraits’.People came up with mind blowing portraits.

sample of thread painting portraits
sample of thread painting

From there on wards I started experimenting with them,took class on portrait sketching , which helped me in understanding the proportions of the face, and as a thumb rule, as in the words of Paramjeet, the award winning quilter of ‘Dust Storm’, I want to be stubbornly original. So I used the photographs I have taken and produced these two quilts. My aim was to produce some thing very near to the real photographs.I think I did achieve this for some extent.

Boating In Titicaca- Pure silk Fabrics, photo fabrication method ,machine quilted, machine appliquéd.

Pensive Mood-Pure cotton hand dyed fabric,reverse appliqué technique,machine pieced and quilted.


3 comments on “Portrait Quilting

  1. Hi,
    You have awesome portfolio i must say. It’s so intriguing. i love the way you have treated these portraits.

    Stay blessed.
    best wishes,



  2. These are so beautiful! I can’t believe you can do this with fabric.

  3. my husband and I actually like your web-site and assume you should have way a lot more subscribers than you do! incredibly superior job and preserve working!

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