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Kuwait Textile Arts Association has a special place in my heart as here where I began my quilting journey, made friends  local as well as hailing from different countries of the world  and experienced the pleasures and heart aces   of winning, loosing and learned the beauty of comradeship.

Here were I found  a forum to express my creativity and grew as a coordinator, teacher,mentor or just a learner from people  who are better than me ,met  experts from all over the world and gave  a proper shape to a hobby as a textile artist .Here from where I represented in different exhibitions in the world.

It was a  satisfying journey in many ways as anything connected to art was and is always dear to heart.

2018 ended with a luncheon , missed many old friends, met many new generation quilters and being in committee for more than 20 years in different capabilities I saw another year pass by and not sure I will be here to witness more or not, but each year  had added its own share of  experience to my life. Memories and experience from every journey of ours is   what we carry on in our lives.

IMG_5889 (3)

2017-2018  KTAA committee posed  for a photo session with President Donna Shaya  for remembrance


‘Why’ A quilt by Naval Al Hazzani

One of my favorite from this years exhibition. Simple techniques but effective and powerful portrayal  of the subject.



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