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2018 KTAA Exhibition Winners

2018 KTAA  Exhibition Winners

Traditional Bedouin Weaving
Winner: Laila Yaser – Wall Hang
Second: Mutaira Mosalem – Wober bag
Third: Laila Yaser – Bosat

Winner: Hayat Al bloshy
Second: Hayat Al bloshy
Third: Hayat Al bloshy

Fibre Arts
Wearable  Art
Winner: Laila Al Solaiman – Pineaple
Second: Suzanne Mannolini – Harlequin
Third:Laila Al Solaiman – Little house
Highly Commended: Suzanne Mannolini – Pink Cables

Crochet table cloth or Mat

Winner: Lynette Dsouza – Center  piece of tulip
Second:Suzanne Mannolini – Spot  in the pink
Third:Marlyn Kamal – Doily

Winner:Lynette Dsouza – Baby Blanket
Second: Amal Sadek – Happy Days
Third:Amal Sadek – Pinky
Highly Commended: Afifa Behbehani – Baby blanket

Winner: Suzanne Mannolini – Barber welcome in taroudant
Second: Marlyn Kamal – Lamp shade
Third: Amal Sadek – Elegant


Winner:Marlyn Kamal – Laurie Lion

Winner: Marlyn Kamal – Crochet bag
Second: Suzzan Mannolini-2018 string bag
Third: Marlyn Kamal – Shoulder  bag

Traditionally Pieced
Winner: Hanan Al Kazemi – 3D Pyramids
Second: Anette Rasmussen – Cowboy Quilt
Third: Lynette Dsouza – Showers of Flowers
Highly Commended: Laila Alsolaiman – Card trick

Art Quilt
Winner: Nawal AlHazzani – Why
Second: Nawal AlHazzani – Mykonos
Third: Yan Liu – Woman with a Fan

Winner: Nadia Al Jarrah – Autum Allure
Second: Nawal Al Hazzani – 4 Finger
Third: Liliana Casas – This is Colombia
HighlyCommended: Anette Rasmussen – Plates

Paper Pieced
Winner: Yan Liu – Dear Hannah
Second: Hanan Al Kazemi – Prince of Humanity
Third: Anette Rasmussen – Drops

Modern  Quilt
Winner: Afifa Behbehani – Zodiac Signs
Second:Laila Al Solaiman 3D

Mix Techniques
Winner: Maha Al Ajeel – Blue Garden
Second: Hanan Al Kazemi – My Shelf
Third:Laila Al Solaiman – Crazy Quilt

Winner: Maddi ElIssawi – Beyond the Galaxy
Second: Yasmin Gallego – Bedroom decorative
Third: Venesa Varela – Lucia
HighlyCommended: Esraa Marafi – Mini Quilt

Judges choice by Lisbet Borggreen: Nawal Al Hazzani – Mykonos

Best in Show:  Hanan Al Kazemi – 3D Pyramids


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