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Long Time No See

‘Long time no see’ is a popular  greetings specially in  India when you meet friends after a gap.   Recently when I entered my studio after a long brake this is the greetings I got  from my ‘quilt and fabric art ‘ supplies,tools, books and bits and pieces of fabric.

I  missed the clutter they created, the flying spools of thread, the ready to attack my feet needles and pins standing on the floor,the bits of fabric pieces ready to follow me to the rest of the house hugging my clothes,the 101 open books with  technique info pages which  make me shrug and say with pride that ‘Oh I know this already’. I missed it all. One fine day I was not happy spending my life only in my studio and missed the rest of the world activities and walked out all most owing never to return or took a long brake.The advantage of being your own master.

Familiarity breeds contempt was the result of our long relationship but now the brake has proved that, I miss this hobby , it is close to my heart,  I miss the postings I do , the articles I write that makes the grammar freaks rearing  to strangle me but the people who’s  heart rules the brain, love me.

I am in blissful peace in this relationship   and need to mend the relationship and find a mid way path which  Lord Buddha teaches.No extremes, no missing morning walks to put a few more stitches, no missing a weekend lunch to  cut fabric for ten more blocks.,no midnight waking up to  rip a part which all looked fine up till evening until the 100th  time I scrutinized it.

‘Everything in moderation’ should be the mantra.




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