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‘London Roads’ Meets its Owner

Ajjis First Quilt DSC04528


It was in the year 1999 my world came to an end or so I thought  when the baby birds flew out of the nest all grown up and  in search of wider skies.There  I was siting in an empty nest, dint know what  to do with my time. 

I had plenty of things to do too but nothing  held my interest for a long time.  That is when I heard  about this lady Jane and her  intention of starting a  quilt group,as it turned out be the first official quilt group of Kuwait and KTAA.  Textiles.painting, art work  were always  my hobby even before . But little did  I knew then, quilting  is going to be a hobby for life.

 As directed by Jane Ellis  McNaboe we started our very first group and  quilt . The terms like  1/4 inch,  rotary cutter , piecing ,sandwich(Oh no not from bread), basting,quilting  were not the words   in our dictionaries then. I can still hear her words of’ exact 1/4 inch seam allowance , not even a hairs breadth difference should be there when you piece’, still  ringing in my ears:)



That is how my very first quilt , ‘The London roads’ was created in the year May 2000. It was all a  labour of love and the time came to label it . My  two sons, most dear to my heart  just out of house , I didn’t know  which one of them to give it  and then as a novel thought I labeled  it as a gift to my first grand child 🙂 The label read as ‘London Roads, 18 fabrics in 5 colors, machine pieced and quilted, finished in May 2000 , Gift to my first grand child’.



16 years later In April 2016  my  grandson Khajit is born  and my wait is over and  I could give him the quilt.


This moment is so special to me as a quilter. It is even bigger than my winning best of shows or getting  several awards and ribbons  in the last 16 years.

I am still quilting, My  own original creation ‘Dragons and  Ladder’ functional  game quilt  created in 2006 tucked for Khajit’s cousin , yet to arrive, in future and to play together.


 I   see  more  quilts to quilt,more people to inspire ,teach and  more dreams to achieve in the coming years.



But for now I am happy that Quit of love ,The London roads, met  the owner our first grandchild.




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