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Fusible Applique Basics

This method is also known as Raw edge Appliqué. In this method top fabric   is fused to the base fabric. A fusible web binds both the  top and base fabric by ironing. once the design is traced on the paper side of the  fusible web, cut it to the exact shape, iron it on to the chosen fabric and  peel off the  backing paper exposing the glue, iron it on to the base fabric.


The most popular brand of fusible web is Heat N Bond available in quilt shops. This has a paper backing and easy to use.You can also buy the fusible web in roles called Vaseline  without paper  backing . The ones without backing can be used by placing them in between baking parchment. If you cannot get this webbing you can use a fabric glue or glue stick which may not be perfect but can work. A special iron is another added tool but normal iron can do the same task.



Chose a design.

Choose a design and convert it  to line drawing.Number each of the pieces starting from outer edge to inner edge or left to right or vise versa.



Using a fabric carbon trace the pattern to the base fabric.You can use a fabric pencil to strengthen the lines.

P1070921Now make a reverse copy of the pattern  and trace it to the dull side of fusible web. Dull side is the paper side and the back of it is the fusible side with glue.

P1070926Choose your fabrics for appliqué

P1070975Cut out the shapes from the  traced  design on fusible web and iron it on to the  back side of the selected fabric.  Cut out all the  fused shapes with one side exact and other side a scant 1/4 inch eye measurement. The idea is to fit each piece like jigsaw puzzle.

P1070982Remove the backing paper, arrange all the pieces to recreate the design  on the base fabric and iron it on.

P1070990 Stitch around all the edges with straight stitch. If you don’t like the raw edge look you can statin stitch around the edges.Once the process of fusing and stitching is finished thread painting it with matching  thread is an option

P1080007Join the finished block to other pieces to create a table mat. Back it with batting and back fabric and quilt as desired.Bind with black fabric.

;Mittu' the Macaw.J


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