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Quilting Stress!

What is an Indian wedding with out pomp and show and months of preparations? That is exactly what kept me busy for last few months. My sons wedding.  Quilting was the least of my thoughts in last several months and now when all is settled  and with an addition to the family in the form  of a daughter in law, I am all mentally physically settled now and   yes! back into quilting.

A few months before I even had a thought of selling my sewing machines and umpteen loads of fabric , notions and every thing quilt related  to lead a more peaceful stress free life. But then I realized that there is no such thing as ‘stress free life’ unless I become another ‘Buddha’ and leave my    quilting empire and head to forest.

But then I realized I may need to make one more last quilt to cover my self in the forest,then there were a few students waiting, a competition just announced, a group of friends from the quilt club motivating, I realized  it is  less stress quilting than being enlightened.

So now  I am back into  the same rut of folding and unfolding fabric scarps ,cutting tiny squares and rectangles  and restitching them into one piece again, rewinding the unruly spools  of thread  that run marathons in my small studio,picking and unpicking the seems from two inch squares, ironing the fusible web  to later find out that the iron just transferred   the residue   to the  front of finished quilt ,making new designs and hoping no one will copy it  without giving me credit or no one would have thought of it  earlier than me, finding no time for exercise.

But I am not stressed! I am quilting.!



One comment on “Quilting Stress!

  1. Please keep quilting ! You are an artist , great teacher & motivated person . Love to have you in the quilt group ! Now that you married your son … quilt until your second son get married . It will keep you busy & enjoy life in Kuwait .

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