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Batik Art-Sonali Dharmawardena

Our season  at KTAA kicked  off  on October 16th with a colorful presentation on Batik Art by Sonali Dharmawardena, renowned artist and designer from Sri Lanka.Sonali Dharmawardena is an artist who has worked with various creative mediums such as pottery, jewelry, fine arts in oils, water color and pencil. Today she is a leading fashion designer in her hometown of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She is the current Head of Design at Hands Intimates/Global Intimates (PVt) Ltd and the Director of Creative & Marketing Communication, Impact Solutions, the leading design company in Sri Lanka.She has her own boutique specializing in batik in Colombo Sri Lanka : Simplybatik “Acushla” and her own brand of designer jewelry “Yehali”.

There was a fashion show and talk on the first night and the next day  she went through the whole process of  Batik Art, right from   tracing a design on fabric,applying the bea wax  and dipping it in boiling colors through a computer  presentation and  a few samples.

Sonali is an inspiration to women everywhere but especially to those in her native Sri Lanka who have endured hardship and struggled often being the sole providers for their families

It was  half a day well spent with  the knowledgeable and charming Sonali.


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