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Musings of a ‘Hobby Quilter’.

After 13 long  years of quilting and winning  a few noticeable awards and  exhibits in few worthy places, still I can’t decide if I am a ‘hobby quilter’ or a ‘professional’ one.

May be a hobby one as I have not(yet ) made it into a business. I am not  making the quilts for sale and making money. Though,I am very professional about my classes and take it seriously. Any way  I tried to look up to a definition of ‘hobby’  in the google. What came up is amusing and  fitting too.Hobby is defined as

1.An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

2.A migratory Old World falcon (genus Falco) with long narrow wings, catching dragonflies and birds on the wing.

The first one fitted very well as I am quilting in my leisure time and enjoying it.  Second explanation was amusing but fitted well too.  I am Migratory with moving around in different countries. Catching dragon flies and birds on the wing was such a beautiful phrase  which suites who, but an imagination of a quilter who carries the dreams of making beautiful quilts and carries the thoughts of these patterns around like the falcon with long wings.

As the new year ( for a quilter in this part of the world) set in I thought to put some of those ideas I carry in my wings down on the earth.

Foundation paper piecing my true  love is the first thing  I  could think as a starter to make my own pattern into a  quilt wall hanging.

Yo Yo

There are also the Yo yo’s I have stated a while ago which needed to be finished into something.

So I decided to swoop into the ground as, in the last few months  I have flown enough, caught enough fish and it is time to rest and use my catch.


One comment on “Musings of a ‘Hobby Quilter’.

  1. Shyamala – I love the imagery of the falcon – it is a good one to remember. flying off now to my sewing room.

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