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Geyser’s of Yellowstone National Park.

Gods color pallet.  

 Ye  Kaun chitrakaar hai,

Ye Kaun chitrakaar hai

(Who is  the painter,who is the painter, who created this)

  The forgotten lines of a famous  Hindi song sung by Mukesh  glorifying the beauty of nature and wonders about the creativity of the creator of nature , was  coming to my mind again and again as I strolled in this wonder of the world ,the ‘Geyser garden’ which looked like unwashed  color pallet left by god.The scene was unbelievable.

The rest of the group with me where  more interested in  knowing the facts about geysers which goes  as  this.

Geysers are hot springs that erupt periodically. The eruptions is the result of super heated water below ground becoming trapped in the channels leading to the surface. The deep water can not vaporize because of the weight of the water above. Instead  steam is sent upwards in bubbles ,collecting in channels tight spots until they become clogged,leading to a point where the bubbles lift tabove causing the geyser to over flow.This causes the pressures to decrease until suddenly violent boiling occurs producing tremendous volume of stem which forces the water out, this is an eruption in the form of fountain geysers or cone geysers.

But what enthralled me  was the colors created by the chemical reactions.The orange color is due to pigmented bacteria of the microbial mats, and the blue color to refracted skylight. The principal pigment for photosynthesis is chlorophyll, which is green. However, chlorophyll is sometimes masked by carotenoids, pigments related to vitamin A, which are orange, yellow, or red. Carotenoids protect the cells from the bright sunlight that occurs in Yellowstone, especially during the summer.

    Ye Kaun chitrakaar hai ….

Yeh kis kavee kee kalpana kaa chamtkar hai.

(  which poets imagination?)

Humming the lines ,the  wooden path I walked took  me  through  this wonderful  color spread  of  Geysers aptly named for the way they looked, like Plume,Beehive,Lion group, Doublet pool, Giantess,Crested pool,Beauty pool, Chromatic pool,morning glory and above all  the ‘Old faithful’ which erupts at a regular interval of 90 minutes which lasts for five minutes and the  water reaches the height of 184 feet.

This year marked the 140th anniversary of the worlds first national  park on March 1 1872.  It was a quite a long way from NYC to  Yellowstone National Park. But it was worth every single minute and every penny spent. The park is  located in the   U.S sate of Wyoming.  It also extends to Montana and Idaho. This  is the first national park in the world. and is known for the Geysers and wildlife and subalpine forests.

 Driving is a basic necessity in this area  and we had the luxury of the car as well as a  competent, some times bossy 🙂  but caring driver,Avi  our son  who was  also the master mind behind the tour.The five drive trip took us in and around Yellow stone and Grand Teton Nation parks.

The entry for yellow stone and grand Teton   national parks cost $25 for a non commercial vehicle for seven days.Stay was in two beautiful cottages,  the experience which itself  was worth the tour.

it was place of “All God made”  and maintained as it is with minimum interference by man.That was a  beauty .


One comment on “Geyser’s of Yellowstone National Park.

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