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Posts from New York-Quilt designs in Tree Trunks!

Central Park-Amble though the Ramble.

Staying across the road from central park in, Manhattan  NYC for a month comes with huge benefit of getting in and out of central park several times a day. Grown up in a green village in India I would never miss an opportunity like this which brought nostalgic memories of child hood, the difference between the two places is that, one  was pure wilderness where as every inch of this one  is  well  planned, designed   and maintained ,thanks  to vision and hard work of so many nature lovers.Right in the center of the city , it is amazing to have  a place like this .

The Official central park tour was not one to miss. Park Conservancy with it s umpteen volunteers, had a number pf tours planned  and one such was the’ Amble through the Ramble’ which took us over streams, arches, and woods and along a  maze of pathways in the 38 acre woodland respite.

As usual what interested me in this two hour walk was the trees. I spotted a whole lot of quilting designs in Nature. Each tree had a very unique design in its trunk. It only needed an eye to see it. And I had three. Two of mine and a camera.


One comment on “Posts from New York-Quilt designs in Tree Trunks!

  1. I like your tree-trunk pattern idea, Shyamala. I think of wood grain, but not usually bark patterns. I’ll have to see what I find in Norway.

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