Posts from new York-Minding ones own business.

After14hours of leaving home(nearly16) I am here at last. in NYC   Manhattan is bustling with activity, people  and taxis going around like  ants , minding their own business and every one looks busy.Where I am sitting on the  roof top  they look really like ants.

I wonder”minding ones own business” is it  practiced all around the world. is it cultural? Where  and the time I  hail from, if i mind only my business, I am labeled selfish or proud. The younger generation up set with us because we mind too much of their business, ‘leave me alone’ must be the word every parent of a teenage+ must have heard hundreds of time.

I feel all the handy work like Knitting crochet or applique originated where people were taught to mind their own business while even resting time. of course one can chat while doing this things but still it limits you to the person sitting next to you as you need to sit to do it.

Tomorrow I  need to go the city quilters . if I get out of Jet lag.


4 comments on “Posts from new York-Minding ones own business.

  1. As an American from the south, I’d like to believe southerns are a little friendly than our neighbors to the north, but I’m afraid our friendliness is a mask that only allows us to connect with those around us within limits.

    When I have visited NYC before my friends tell me to stop smiling at everyone because folks in the city will think I am weird or up to no good. Down south it’s more common to smile, say hello and ask how are you, but in reality we are not supposed to share how we really are…we are expected to smile and say we are fine regardless of how unhappy we might be.

    I can’t speak for other cultures and some of my fellow Americans may disagree with me, but it seems like you are right on target….we have lost our sense of community where everyone knows everyone else’s business. It’s a sad reality that I hope changes in near future, but with the advent of social media…we connect more deeply with others through the Internet than we do with our own neighbors.

  2. Love ur comment Kim. I feel the same way. Sharing ones true feelings with any one has become a thing of past.We all live in a world where people go round with happy masks on their faces .

  3. Shyamala, My fellow City Quilter fan, I live near Central Park too !! On the Lincoln centre side ! And yes New Yorkers are ‘different’. I spent some time with my daughter in the South when she was a student and then in Washington and now she’s in NY. I noticed how nice the Southerners were and how just a few hours drive away people and their manners started going downhill and by NY they were down to just basics 🙂 But you know what, one of the reasons I love NY is the anonymity…people mind their own business ! That is a good change once in a while coming from where I do in India where we
    know everyone’s business !

  4. You are very right. I love this too. No need to pretend and can always be yourself as no one is going to question you or study your face for mood swings.Live and let live. i like it too.

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