Zinnia-3D quilt-Making of the quilt


Making of a 3D quilt

My one and only goal while, I started this quilt, is to achieve a 100% 3D  original quilt.  At the   point, I started this quilt idea , I did not care about the techniques or subject.  One and only goal was to produce a 100% 3D effect. which I think I achieved.I have conceived the whole quilt by scratch with only a paper folding star technique to depend on which I knew for a long time, which I changed into a folded flower pattern.

I suddenly bumped through one of my old quilts which I had a folded star. As I looked into it the idea came to my mind it also can be made to look like a Zinnia flower. .I set on making a set of flowers by folding the fabric. Each rectangle of 3.5 inch was folded into a triangle and arranged overlapping to create the flower.Shaded fabric , some self dyed, some commercial ,with green leaves under gave the effect needed.

Next challenge was to set this in some back ground. The first thing I choose was the sky fabric. After several auditions ( it is tough to have any choice in this part of the world)I choose a fabric with some movement of clouds in it, quilted it very heavily.The toughest part was fitting the flowers, which were very heavy , on the back ground. I did not want a superficial appliqué so the flowers where pieced to the background  along with  the sky fabric ,leaf fabric and then the back ground sky and the leaves where quilted along with it.

The Zinnia also needed a bed of leaves, No commercial fabric did the justice to three 3D ideas so I decided to print all the fabric with image transfer technique and printed it on fabric.

Then came the challenge of balancing the heavy flowers. Hence the wall on the side was build. Each piece of the wall was cut, fused, put together  with each other with satin stitch and a 5 layer batting behind it gave the 3D impression.

The quilt still lacked something in the colour area and also the weight had to be balanced on the lower part for the quilt to  make it stand straight while hanging. So the idea of picket fence was introduced. Individual pieces of picket fence  where designed by heavy cotton material, with batting and extra reinforce to give the look and placed on quilt and appliquéd. The whole quilt is heavily quilted which needed  at least 7-8 pack of needles as i was stitching on six layers of fabric.:)

It was not  judged by the visiting judge ,  in the ‘mixed media  category’ where it belonged  in the exhibition as it was  the single entry in that category,  and  last minute it was pushed  some where else  which was dissappointing   and did not do justice to  the piece. Any way,I was happy about the way I was able to bring an original imagination  idea on fabric and achieve a 3D effect.


3 comments on “Zinnia-3D quilt-Making of the quilt

  1. It’s a beautiful quilt. Evident in all the thought, planning,work and needles that went into it.

    Wish we could do something about categories at the show. . .

  2. This is beautiful!! Like wow!!

  3. Thank you for leading me to your blog from facebook. There are so many beautiful masterpieces of your site. The detail in this piece is amazing. I can see how and why your work has been honored with awards! I look forward to learning more from you through desi quilters.

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