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An unexpected trip to Bahrain

It all happened when we were unceremoniously dropped from a overbooked  ‘Gulf Airways’ flight to Delhi from Kuwait,   in Bahrain.No warning, no sorry,  we were  left out  of the connecting flight and  just given a  ‘B’ grade hotel and a boarding pass for the flight next day. The  flight  which we held a confirmed ticket ,left    with out us. –Watch out ‘Gulf Airways  flyers”– It can be you –Next time.

Heartbroken as we had   to miss the cock tail party of Neha’s wedding by reaching   a day later, ended grim faced in the hotel.

But, after  a while realising,  brooding won’t help us reach any faster to Delhi, decided to get the best out of the situation of getting a free visa to Bahrain:)

Necessity is the mother of inventions

The ‘mantra’ of travelling light had made me carry absolutely no hand luggage and there we were with not even a tooth brush or comb. Needed to take a bath but how to tie the hair up? What the heck, a length of toilet paper, rolled and twisted to a rope solved that problem.


Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands, the largest being  Baharin Island.A taxi costed only 7BD for two hours city tour.  The first stop was at the Al Fateh Mosque also known as the grand mosque.This was constructed in the year 1990. The most beautiful mosuqe I  saw for a long time.Although Al Fateh Mosque in Bahrain is a place where followers of Islam go and offer their prayers to Allah the almighty, any person belonging to any religion and anycommunity is welcome to enter the mosque. So said our guide/driver.

Al-Riffa old castle was the next stop. Riffa fort  is one of the prime attractions of the city. Riffa was originally the center of power till 1869. The fort was built in 1812. The interior of the fort is quite spacious and divided into chambers.

The national Musuem of Bahrain complex covers 27,800 sq meters and consists of two buildings.  The Museum was officially opened in December 1988 to become one of the latest and largest museums in the Middle East.


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  1. Things I didn’t know about Bahrain. Thanks, Shyamala. And I’ll remember the toilet paper trick!

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