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Dragon and Ladder _Making the game quilt

-Winner of ‘children’s choice award’- KTAA exhibition 2007.

I am always stuck up with the thought of  doing a new idea and  I  have not seen a game quilt  done before and thought that will be interesting.  This is the first game quilt as far as I know.I took  up the age old idea of snake and ladder and replaced  the snakes with dragons  as memory of  my visit to china.

This is a quilt  I made  as a gift to my yet to come(even at this point:)) grand children and this  is also done as a memory of  my visit to china.  I gifted this quilt to my husband to play with his  grand kids when they come:)

This is  a functional quilt and  consists of a rolling dice , and play counters. 1 to 100 nos all hand cut and appliqued.it was tough job as the nos were cut in felt  and machine appliqued. The first time  I realized that 1-100 no  consists of more than 100 pieces:). The quilt is heavily quilted  with the quilting shown on the back as I used variegated color thread on the back with black backing. all dragons are cut in fabric and heavily embroidered with thread play.the tough part  was to plan the movement of the dragons to resemble a snake  as if in the snake and ladder game, with the head positioned in one number and the tail in another.

2007 was the first year we had a international judge visiting us in Kuwait. Quilt artist  Jenny Bowker from Australia was the visiting judge and conducted a few workshops for  us and opened our eyes to  also  to the happening in world quilting scene.

If there was any game quilt made before this(2007) I would like to know.


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