Peacock Dance

Peacock dance is my first quilt in the machine embroidery section. I did not have much experience with machine embroidery  then and bungled up the embroidery with out using the stabilizer under. It is Dena Crain  who opened my eyes for this little bit of info and also made me re think my color choices for a quilt.

I have a fascination with Peacocks  our national bird. This idea came while I stumbled on peacock feather in my neighbors house. A after becoming a quilter , I think it is my birth right to ask any thing any where which can aid my quilting . And the sweet people around oblige too:)

Peacock feather design was copied from the original feather and silk  fabrics  were chosen and cut to represent the original color and pattern,fused and appliqued on each other. I put them together on green silk and embroidered heavily using the metallic thread in gold.Boarder was done as individual blocks and put together.This is the part which  crumbled because of missing stabilizer and ended up with few creases.


2 comments on “Peacock Dance

  1. Beautiful quilt! I love the name 🙂

  2. Beautiful beautiful quilt !!!

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