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Fabric Dolls

I have been wanting  to create a few dolls  as it is fun making the clothes. Seen quite  a few of them in my Russia tour.

last year there was a puppet show  I watched in India and  The above dolls attracted me a lot. There is easy way of reproducing them. Usually the faces are commercially bought. But it is not a  difficult  job to stitch a few in  fabric.

You can cut out the shape,  stitch round and fill it with  synthetic filling material.Once you have the basic face and hands it is fun to do the dresses,ornaments and face features depending on which country they belong.The hands can be manipulated with a thin wire insertion, These wires can be  bought in a floweriest  shop too.  Paper mash is another thing  to make the mold  for faces. Pigma pens can do the features on the face or it can be stitched with chain stitches by hand.

The actual job is to study different   face features of different nationalities if you want   them to represent the world. The skin colors,hair and the  eye and the cloths differ so much.  The clothes are universal these days unless we want to create traditional looking ones.But the basic body construction is the same.Is  it not a lesson   that  every human being is same on   the inside  what ever is the out side may look like. 🙂

I am off to create a few  in this holiday.


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