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Theme Based Quilts

Recently, every exhibition  we come across, throws a ‘theme’ at the quilter.    Do the theme  really mean any thing ? Do we make quilts for themes or just make a quilt and stick it any where with a changed name to suit the theme? is  a nagging question.  “Reflection’ ‘ is a theme for an  up coming exhibition  next year in Dubai. The topic is very difficult to  really put in one frame work. It is an interesting theme I would really like to work on.

I have been doing a study of these out of interest. As a human being  who is  a stickler  to rules(blame the parents for strict up bringing)  I cant take my thoughts away from the theme ,once it is given. This year the theme was ‘Nature’    for our guild ,which was only  a suggested theme  announced in the beginning of the year  and    forgotten by every one by  the year end and only I remembered. But I had to go and make a flower  quilt named “Blooming Beauties”paper pieced one, just to  represent  the theme .

“Mahabat Maqbara’ was done to fit into architecture theme of the  year  2009.

I enjoy ‘ themes’ as then it makes me  to do  research and choose  a  design. Thought process is always engaging and keeping the brain active. I don’t like donkey work of reproductions.Themes are a way to steer us away from reproducing what is already existing.

What I would like to know is  how  quilters  will approach a theme? How do they prepare a quilt for a theme?. do they make a quilt to fit the theme or  just give a name to a ready quilt  to suit the theme?  Do the exhibitions give weight age to the theme or it is only a heading to put on  in the exhibition? These are  always question for me un answered.still trying to find an answer:)


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