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KTAA Exhibition 2011

First time I entered a show in Kuwait was in the year 1999 or may be 2000. It was with my first quilt .We are having exhibition every year  since then and I have not got fed up looking at them. Winning the best of show makes it special for me but there are several quilts in the show  I wished I could have made them.Here are the few  of my favorites.


This year two  visiting judges Tracey Pereira- from England   and Janine Ibbini- from Abudabi, who are specially invited to judge the show  took a whole day to judge the 145 pieces of exhibit. Their decision was unanimous  in most of the cases.They commented on each piece which is very valuable to all exhibitors. It is nice to have experts comments which I value a lot. What  is technically correct for judges scale  and what is attractive to laymen  differs in some cases. It is an interesting study and  amusing to hear the public  comments  on some quilts. But it is part of the growth process   and part of the result of the  environment we live in as   the limited exposure to the  international shows  has a  big part to play in  common judgements and view points.


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