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Mabrook ! Kuwait-Best Of Show 2011

Mabrook!  Kuwait

Winner Best in show 2011 -Kuwait

This is an original design idea.

This quilt is dedicated to the memory of the 50th anniversary celebration which Kuwait saw this year. It is 20 years since  liberation of Kuwait and  being a part of this country before and after liberation  and going through the trauma of occupation, I am as happy as every national that Kuwait is liberated and a happy country celebrating the 20thyear of liberation and I  congratulate Kuwait in their happiness.

Techniques: Machine embroidery using Bernette 340 embroidery machine, metallic and silk  threads,  free motion embroidery, thread painting, machine appliqué.  fabric spray painting. Machine quilted.

Size-26×32 Inches.

Prizes-won-KTAA Annual Exhibition 2011

1.First in Machine embroidery category

2.Judges choice by Tracey Pereira-  Specially invited to judge the show from England

3. Judges choice by   Janine Ibbini-Specially invited to judge the show from Abudabi.

4. Best of the show.

Other quilts



Love is eternal and this one is for my husband ,my32 years companion.  This quilt was originally pieced for a valentines day challenge in the quilt group. Pattern by Linda Causee altered and re designed arrangement.Aurora 440 sewing computer.

Prizes-Second place in foundation paper piecing-KTAA Annual Exhibition -2011


Blooming Beauties

 Nature’ was a suggested theme this year and flowers are a beautiful gift by god to nature. This quilt is an intricate work of more than 750 tiny pieces of fabric put together by foundation paper piecing technique. The foundation pattern was from a book by Linda  Causee  put by me  in an original arrangement .Aurora 440 sewing computer.

Size -30×30 Inches.

Prize– Third Place in foundation paper piecing category(KTAA Annual Exhibition-2011).

 Award Presentation  Images


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