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Fun with Fabric Paints.

Activity- Painting a small picture on a T-Shirt


1.100% cotton or cotton rich T-shirts,

2. Pebeo ,Fevicryl  and Tulip glow in the dark  fabric paints, Fabric   marker  pens..

3. Flat head brushes (0-6) & Round tip brushes (0-4). Size depends on the area to cover.

4. Iron on transfers.

5. Templets from old x-ray sheets

6. Fabric transfer sheets to transfer designs

7. Designs, laundry markers, pencils, paper masking tapes, clips, cardboard, iron, etc.


1. Pre wash with out using fabric softeners,dry and iron the t-shirts, crease free

2. Select an area in the t-shirt to create the design.

3. Take a piece of cardboard and lay it under the selected area  of the t-shirt and fold the rest of the t-shirt backwards, secure with clips

4. Mark a square or rectangle in the selected area. Leaving that space open, cover the rest of the area with paper masking tape.

5. Choose a design from the iron on transfer books readily available and transfer them using a hot iron, or trace design from a picture using fabric transfer sheets or mark a design with fabric marker using templates from x-ray sheets., or simply draw own design by using fabric marker pencils.

6. Paint the design using the fabric paints. For best results use direct paint and don’t add water to paint.

7.  Let dry 24 hours and then iron from the back side.


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