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Story of the Dry, loose Sand

I the dry ,loose sand of Kuwait was lying there peacefully on the side of a deserted road leading to Saudi.  The day was cloudy, cool and pleasant. I had no one’s company but the wired fence on my right and the thorny, low bushy trees on the left. Suddenly I heard voice in the distant, shouting ‘Camels” I  looked up  uninterestingly  to see the camels far away in the fenced area. Suddenly I heard the screeching of brakes and a four wheel lands right on my stomach. Five beautiful ladies step out giggling, looking for camels. I giggled too, knowing fully well what they have in store to face next. They decided to take the car further near to get a closer look at the camels. And then I caved in, pulling my stomach back The turning wheels, got deeper and deeper into me. Two of the ladies in bare hands digged me but I the loose, dry sand with a vicious smile, held the wheels tightly as I will never let it go

The story of the lonely road.

I was lying going nowhere. It is usually a common question asking “where does this road go? I laugh at it as I don’t go anywhere only people on me go somewhere. The people went on to Saudi boarder which was few km away. I was lying taking my afternoon nap. Trucks are giving me massage by rolling over me. I opened an eye to see a lady standing by my side waving frantically at each passing truck. Suddenly someone pulls out, moved further again and pulls out completely. An Indian boy jumps’ out, talks to the lady, He backs of his truck and pulls out a rope ties to pull out the car stuck in the loose sand. Alas! The loose sand wins again, sucking his tire too and trapping him. I sleep off again. a while later, I hear another truck and a vannet too pulling by. This time they pull the car and the truck ,both from the loose sand on to me. Helping hands of humans. God gave the hands to humans to help others and they proved it this time.

Leaving foot marks in the sand.

My body got littered with foot marks, It did not disturb me as these ladies were jumping up and down with glee to see the herds of camels. Photos were shot camels were fed and I was stamped but it is only foot prints. Wind will wipe it off. But I don’t know when will I get another set of happy foot marks from happy people like these ladies left behind

The fun farm

I It was four o’clock and I was wide awake after my afternoon siesta. Cocks and chickens were running around, geese are fighting, race pigeons circling over me, fishes swimming in the pond. And suddenly a car comes in my open gate. Five ladies sit in the car deciding if it is safe to come in. . They get out  hesitantly and try to put of their picnic lunch on the side of the house. One of them goes to the door and knocks to see if anyone is in. Yes there was the very fine dignified owner who owns me. He was so hospitable with giving the ladies,, cushions for benches, berries freshly picked from the farm , showed them the fish pond, talking about the racing pigeons each worth 500K.D. , It looked like these ladies left with a great respect for that thorough gentleman.

One group

The stories above belong exclusively to  few of us stitch group ladies who went to wafra.


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