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Kuwait Clebrates! So am I.

It is Celebration time  in Kuwait. 50 years of independence,20 years after the liberation and 5 years  since the  present  Amirs coming to power. I celebrate too with smile on  my lips and tears in my eyes.

I celebrate too the liberation ,as a foreigner residing in this country and who had gone through the trauma of occupation.You get up from your bed  as usual, make a cup of tea as usual and switch on the B.B.C as usual  and suddenly realize nothing is as usual or may be never going to be as you are living in country occupied by another country.Your hosts have deserted you  and you  are living in a country, attacked  by another and defended by none.

The trauma of  fearing for your  young kids,husband, self, the trauma of leaving every thing behind you owned, including your savings in the bank,the trauma  of  getting evacuated,spending  days in  two different   evacuation camp in an unknown county , arriving in your own country with no job and no money, over qualification preventing the husband finding a job  easily, nightmares,desperation,tears  all  is a story behind now as we are back in  Kuwait, happy healthy and better off.

The memories of invasion some sweet as in the love and support of near dear ones in time of our desperation some bitter as in the struggle  to make both ends meet is all behind twenty years now.We are back, kids grown into men, life as usual,cup of tea in hand as usual , B.B,.C. with another story  of another place  as usual.

Thank God for all your mercies. As some one said, when  we go through difficulties in life   , God smiles and  says ‘sweetheart it is only a bend,not the end”  keep going.At least it proved right this time.thank you God.

Let me celebrate  too.!But I have never  forgotten what we went through and my heart bleeds for  all those innocent civilians  who suffer from natural  or  man made, or  power struggle calamities in their countries..

The smile on my  lips  is  for getting my life back ,seeing  the country back  with  its  rightful owners and tear in my eyes for  those thousands 0f scared civilians in so many countries around the world which are going  through unrest.



One comment on “Kuwait Clebrates! So am I.

  1. A very touching post.We can only imagine the sufferings.Truly a reason to Celebrate!

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