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A Day in the Desert.

It is not often that we get out to drive into the desert. But It is Le-Ann’s idea to take the stitch group ladies for a desert tour.Wow what an adventure was it . No one knew where we are going except Le-Ann .  So nine of use tucked into three cars set out for an adventure.We kept on driving. I was told firmly by parmjeet  that I should not use the ‘W’ word  and  told not o ask ‘Where’ .So I  tried out smarted them by repeatedly asking “Here are we going”?? after several miles in off road tracks  and got no reply.:)

We drove for about two hours before reaching this beautiful desert area near Doha. We went to Mutlaa Ridge,   the  supposed to be polluted Doha , close to Boubyan bridge and island.Saw beautiful desert lilies, a  desert camellion just ran across and escaped our camera eye,soldiers guarding the post just marked their presence by making us take  a wrong turn,we had finger foods enough to feed an army.


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