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Kuwait Clebrates! So am I.

It is Celebration time  in Kuwait. 50 years of independence,20 years after the liberation and 5 years  since the  present  Amirs coming to power. I celebrate too with smile on  my lips and tears in my eyes. I celebrate too the liberation ,as a foreigner residing in this country and who had gone through the […]

A Day in the Desert.

It is not often that we get out to drive into the desert. But It is Le-Ann’s idea to take the stitch group ladies for a desert tour.Wow what an adventure was it . No one knew where we are going except Le-Ann .  So nine of use tucked into three cars set out for […]

Fpp Demo

Diwali Lights-Foundation Pieced.

This  one is  the result of  my   attempt to create foundation piecing patterns on my own and first in the series of Diwali lights. I created this pattern in Nov. 2010 to give to friends as Diwali gift. “Diwali” is the festival of lights and lamps are lit all over the house to welcome light […]

Love is in the air-A Rose for you.

Love is in the air was thrown as a group challenge, with no winners or loosers.  I made this foundation pieced rose for the challenge  to represent the Valentine Day challenge. The basic pattern for rose is from  a  book I owned  from Linda Cause but   I made a  few alterations to the design to […]