A lonely walk of principles.

Many a time one finds one self  all alone . It is  always difficult to walk in a straight line and find friends.  Straight roads are boring, uneventful  and the walk may be lonely. I have faced this situation umpteen times in life.    .It is always difficult explain why to fallow the rules.But  don’t things crumble in a rule less  world?

The question I ask my self is should  I  stick  to rules which I believe or bend it when I  know fully well it is not for the  long time good but can make me popular. Is popularity  is the goal of  life or true to one self  or the cause you believe is the goal?



2 comments on “A lonely walk of principles.

  1. I may not always know exactly what is the right thing to do; but I always know what is the wrong thing. When a choice is made to please others but is wrong in terms of your personal integrity,it diminishes your power – who you are in the universe. People may not be your best friends but they will respect you when you make a choice based on your principles. Afterall, it’s not about them; it’s about you. And “to thine own self be true.” Shakespeare =)

  2. Could it be possible that these all are phases in life? I mean the crowd and the ‘lonely’soul?

    Permit to give an analogy: When we drive along a winding mountain road, and you are halfway though, and you look down.

    You see some people at the beginning of the climb, some already on the winding road. If you look up, you might see a soul or two already at the summit. Some might even be pondering giving it all up.
    (aha! now you are talking!)

    I believe that life is similar. We all start pretty much from zero (in terms of beliefs and ideas).

    As we start observing and learning, we hopefully draw own conclusions and chart our path based on these convictions.

    Since every situation is different, every path charted seems separate. Paths may be parallel, but rarely coincide.

    They might even coincide for a while, and then part?
    (remember all those friendly souls you meet on the Great Indian Railway journeys?)

    One belief could be that we all start in a crowd, and slowly carve our own paths as we realize there is something beyond all this.

    The crowd you see today may be just the people in process of finding themselves?

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