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The Year 2010-Review

Sitting on the threshold of  anew year and looking back  at a year gone  is very full filling. Last year was pretty good, all though not all my wishes got fulfilled ,specially on the quilting front. But that also is a motivation for better work  this year.Otherwise personal front was pretty good and thank you God for your blessing.

1.Got a new apartment back home and furnished it too.

2. Spent wonder full month with both sons,in their homes

3. First time  hiked for six hours in  Seattle,canoed in new York

4Took over as News letter editor to KTAA(Love it)

5.Took over as cultural convener to K.K.K

6.Took pat in  the K.T.A.A. quilt  exhibition with my quilt ‘Peacock Dance’

7 Took part in Dubai quilt festival as an invited guest.

8.Took part in an auction with three  of my quilts in Kuwait

9. Took part in  the charity exhibition  small painting in a big heart and sold “Flowers for a smile”

10. Toured Jordan ,Syria  and Rajsthan in India

11.Conducted quilt workshops

12.Spent happy times with family back-home.:)

13.Attended several quilt workshops.

14. Entered several photography competitions.Did not get selected:(


One comment on “The Year 2010-Review

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