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Rajasthan _India


A lonely walk of principles.

Many a time one finds one self  all alone . It is  always difficult to walk in a straight line and find friends.  Straight roads are boring, uneventful  and the walk may be lonely. I have faced this situation umpteen times in life.    .It is always difficult explain why to fallow the rules.But  don’t things […]

Cultural Cordinator

Organizing  events is one of my favorite jobs.  I always found it exiting to organize , coordinate events. Taking decisions is not difficult to me since child hood. Some time I am a Hitler in this matter.:)  I have been a cultural convener umpteen times in different organizations,headed different committees at Kuwait Textiles And Art […]

The Year 2010-Review

Sitting on the threshold of  anew year and looking back  at a year gone  is very full filling. Last year was pretty good, all though not all my wishes got fulfilled ,specially on the quilting front. But that also is a motivation for better work  this year.Otherwise personal front was pretty good and thank you […]