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Moments of Silence.

I have not  blogged for a while. The reason is not  that I have nothing to write about but there is too much to write about. I can write volumes about the month I spent In U.S.A., the family time, the activities in New York, the beautiful Seattle, my handsome, handful, grown up sons,the quality time we spent with them, the way they cared for us, the arguments  we four had about every thing in life, the disagreements on issues, the caring , the loving days we spent together.The view points of each one of us mismatched so much,generation gaps, still we where happy together,just because we cared for each other. Even before I could pen these events down I am here again In India, once again struggling to set up my new flat.

India is a great land.It never seizes to amuse me. I have spent more time out side India than here since I have left it as an young bride of 20 years.I can never decide if it is a developed country or not. Take for example, the other day I needed to get a driving  license,even though I have 20+ years of  driving experience and a valid Kuwaiti license did not mean any thing to  the law abiding officials. They wanted me to get a learning license which would  be converted to a regular one, after a month. So I went for a initial test.30 similar cases like me where put in a single room, an officer comes out  and shows us six hand signals which we were supposed to be thorough  with and use   according to him while driving(what happened to the indicators??) for my utter amusement he says” repeat each of  these signals 50 times”-Mera Bharat Mahan-

I bought a vacuum cleaner. Paid an exorbitant price of 8,000 R.Sjust because of the brand name.Started using and found out it is toppling all the time and further inquiry revealed that it was not the brand  named product  I thought at all , one letter is missing and is imitation stuff-Mera Bharat Mahan.

Leave these things alone , and you look at people, they have hearts of gold. I have not seen people so touchy any where else in the world. The caring relatives at the nieces wedding, The  70+ year old uncle bringing breakfast every morning,  ,the servant by now realizing  that  madam cant stand dust ready to clean at  odd times   as soon as the house get s dirty, the  new neighbors  whom I am seeing for the first time ,with their ever ready invitations for lunches.. the auto rickshaw driver who  apologies when  the rickshaw  bumps in the road bumping me with it, This can happen only in India –Mera Bharat truly is Mahan.


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