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A Lonely Walk

Yesterday  I went for a long walk in Roosevelt Island and I was all ‘alone’. As I was walking in the semi hot morning  I started thinking about loneliness. These days every one is busy. Each one has to find his own or her own ways to keep busy, no one has time to entertain the other. I hear a lot of talk going on spending a lonely life in old age. Then I started  dissecting what is “Loneliness ‘ . Is  Loneliness just a state of mind? I was lonely as there was no one whom I  knew to my left,right , front or back walking with me. But what about tens  of  men and ladies jogging around? what about the morning cleaning workers  going in around trucks, the flowing river water  to my left? the swaying trees and the breeze? is it all not company?

Many a time you can have people whom you know around  you physically, but  you don’t mentally connect to them  at all. Still it is called company.Is it not  wise to train the mind to find company within than outside?.

I had a mobile which can be connected to any corner of the world,a quilt  book  on technique which I want to master -secrets of digital quilting, head full of thoughts about  my new quilting project,flowing river  water  creating  ripples, sea birds sitting on the stones, trees lined on the way, light house in the front, squirrels scurrying in the  green grass, a baby just  tripped over and fell in front me and how can I be lonely among all these things- Unless it is just a ‘STATE OF MIND”

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