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I Imagine-A quilted dance.

It is raining cats and dogs outside. I sit near the window sill and watch the pouring rain. It looks like the water storage unit of heaven is broken down. Here, we don’t get just rain drops, but it comes down like a water fall.

Sitting here near my little window sill, I imagine……………

. My new quilt. “Dancing in the rain” Wow. (By the way this title is copy righted :}) The pouring rain suddenly comes to a halt and changes into drop lets.  I  Imagine,  little droplets of water running through my face, a tiny drop standing at the tip of my nose. A gust of wind blows and brings more rain, Wind blown hair   not really swaying in the wind as it is wet.   The red top I am wearing gets unusual color of blackish red, being wet; I wonder do they ever make that shade of colored fabric?? Water is flowing over my feet, and a little fog jumps up, muddy brown water all over.My body  balanced on a tiny stone submerged half in the water, I dance in the rain!

Posts from -India

Posts from-India


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