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My new apartment and Lessons of life

I am not an expert writer.  I have neither the word power nor flowery language skills. What I write comes from my heart and the incidents or experience is whole truth, nothing but truth.(Swear on my latest quilt.:)

A while ago before I took this apartment project I was a quilter. I could think nothing but quilting,. When my hubby  asked me to come here and take up furnishing the new apartment,  part of the  ‘don’t forget your roots’, come back one day  to your country” project. I was so reluctant to leave my quilting world. But, Last three weeks have turned me into a builder, interior specialist, financier and what not? Hate to say, but I am enjoying it.

The capacity of the human mind is great. It amazes me how we can shift from one direction to another like switching a switch .It is all a mind game. If you tune your mind to enjoy, you can enjoy any situation. Situations make you smart too. I just heard a story from my sister, which was narrated to her by my brother. “A frog was kept in bowl of cold water, slowly the  water was heated, first the frog jumped one end to another, the water came to boiling point at one point  and the frog could not jump around but died. Same experiment was re-executed, this time the water was preheated to the boiling point and frog was thrown into it. As soon as the frog touched the water, it jumped out of the bowl and saved it’s life.” This is such an interesting story and you can interpret in so many ways to your life. Here I am that frog and three weeks have taught me to wriggle out without dyeing.

You can ask me what is all this fuss ,about furnishing an apartment. We all do it!.But have you ever faced a situation where the builder, hands a bunch of keys  to your  apartment with one  set of your bathroom keys interchanged with some other apartment, you don’t know who, but you have a wrong set of keys. Keys have numbers but locks don’t, so you collect all the uncollected keys from the office (50+) sit in front of your bathroom door with the manager:)  and try each one of them until you find the one which fits your bath room door.  Still keep smiling at the manager :), so he is not irritated with you.

Your internet does not work because your laptop is still tuned to the old connection, As if  the computer ,bought in U.S.A. is telling me , if you  want to keep  your roots  so   am I. This was found out after two computer specialists branded my computer as virus infected, .( Norton,  why do I pay you??)  Until they found out  the real problem and solved it .Let us keep smiling:) because I can blog now.

Don’t think I am living in a dungeon. It is luxury apartment which cost me good $s. But the way things work here is different. Need to check on things at all stages. I pay the price for not being here and staying away quilting.

All is not bad lot of fun things too.


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