Me banyantree and the rains!

For a long time I have been planning to photograph few banyan trees. At last my dream came true now on my holiday in India.

Holidaying in India is fun. But you-have to have a much unbiased approach to everything. Take things as they come. For example it is raining cats and dogs here in my small little coastal town in Mangalore. To have the ice on the cake the roads are all under repair (for the last one year or more?) so the clean water from heaven comes down and forms  something like a ‘dead sea’( which I had recently visited in my tour of Jordan). It is a muddy puddle all over. I got very upset for two days and then learnt to enjoy the rain, muddy puddle, umbrella which curves up because of heavy winds and lives you soaking wet under the rain. The other day my umbrella turned turtle and i walked soaking wet in the street. I was looking for a washing machine and dryer for my new apartment and I walked in soaking wet inside a  electronic show room  and asked if they  had  a dryer. It was-worth looking at the expression of the shopkeeper 🙂

Now take the people, they are so simple hearted. Not everyone is a crook as my bias mind would think. Yesterday I took an auto to a far away shop. The shop was closed by the time I reached, So i told the auto driver to bring me back to the same spot where he picked me. To my surprise he looked at me and said madam  I am sorry  that you wasted the money for one way. I was as surprised as my bias mind was thinking he was very happy as he got a ride both ways.

My internet connection was fixed today. It was raining whole of yesterday and there was big power failure. So the guys could not give connection to my internet. If I worry about all these things i could not stay here a day. But do I get this beautiful rain any where? I like the rain any day to scorching heat. Of course any one would say all is well for a short time. But I think it is only a frame of mind.

Learn to enjoy whatever situation you’re in   as our mood will not change the situation any way. So enjoying may make it more tolerable.

More to come.



2 comments on “Me banyantree and the rains!

  1. ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.

  2. Small things of day to day happenings in each one of our personal life ,you have a great touch of humour in your discriptions besides your highly developed inner sense makes you a human being of highest order.Keep it up we will love to read more of your little adventuers nd as well enjoy the beautiful pics. you are posting. Congratulations on your latest Quilt what a wondesrful job…with best wishes…..

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