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Peacock in my garden -Crazy Patchwork Quilt

Crazy quilted patches always fascinated me.  In India it is done by hand and villagers in different states  do these so beautifully each has its own  flavor of the area.. I was trying to do a peacock as part of my photo fabrication class promo and got a peacock feather and tried duplicate it in fabric. Thread painting  and phto fabrication was the method. when my peacock was ready  I Needed a boarder and thought about crazy quilted,machine appliqued blocks . I had to use my deco machine which I won last year so it was a perfect setting for all I wanted to do. I had a lot of problems with  the silk  fraying and I had not stabilized it before putting together which resulted the finished quilt losing a bit of straight lines..The biggest challenge was using metallic thread as 95% of the thread used in this quilt is metallic.  I also  thread painted  the peacock .

Quilt as you go crazy patch details

Construct a crazy patch

1 cut 8 inch piece of back ground fabric

2. layer it with 61/2 inch batting

3. Put the crazy patch work on top

4.Stitch together all three layers

Put all the blocks together and  attach with  strips of fabric

Finish it with a center photo fabricated block.

Displayed in KTAA Exhibition 2010

Size 36×40 Inches

Pure silk, metallic thread, machine embroidery.

Photo Fabrication


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