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‘Mahabat Maqbara’ –Houston 2009-IQA- Judged Show A World Of Beauty

My Quilt ‘Mahabat Maqbara’ Has been  selected as a finalist and exhibited in the Houston  International Quilt Festival Judged Show -A world Of Beauty.

It was my first time  entering and attending the show at Houston and I was thrilled . I have yet to come across a lady, one so organized as Crystal Batterbee.I had the previledge of  attending workshops of  Bonnie McCaffery,Caryl Bryer FallertIQA Judged ShowMahabat Maqbara and  Hollis Chatelaine which were wonderful.  I had been to international shows beofre but this one was mind blowing.

Other Awards for Mahabat Maqbara

KTAA Annual Quilt Exhibition May 2009

1.Best of  show

2.First Place in Art quilt Category

3.Quilters choice

4.viewers choice

Duabai Quilt Festival-2010

Mahabath Maqbara was exhibited as a part of the special exhibit in Dubai.-2010

Art Gallery Kuwait-Exhibited as a special exhibit -2010


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