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Here I am again at the cross roads.

Starting  a theme  based Quilt is not easy for me. Should   I  make a quilt the way I like and fit in the theme name or should i think on the basis of the theme and plan my quilt

I have done a    lot of research on others quilts on this thought.  There are  quilters who fit in both these categories.

I for one take  the theme very seriously and  literally  and make a quilt  exactly to fit the theme , but not sure how many noticed that effort. My Waqanki and Butterfly was done on the theme of ‘Harmony’  after a lot of thought given to harmony in nature and the pollination of the orchids by butterflies. Photographs are taken in an orchid garden in Peru and  the theme was developed from there.It  was worth the effort as it did win the judges choice and children s choice.

A good friend  and a well known quilter used to say ‘Dont worry about rules  as there are no quilt police around”  enjoy quilting.  May be it all depends how the viewers interpret it.

Here I am again at the cross roads thinking about a theme quilt  and I hope i succeed this time too.Waqanki And the Butterfly


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