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I Am Quilting Again.

Drunkard's Path-Templet by Cheryl phillips &Karla Schulz-I did this quilt as apart of my lecture  on 'curves'

Drunkard's Path-Template by Cheryl Phillips &Karla Schulz-I pieced this quilt top as a part of my lecture on 'curves' which I delivered to my quilt group.

Starting a new quilt  is not easy. It may be a bit easier  if I can just take a book, copy a pattern and cut fabric and stitch and produce a duplicate. I can never do that.  Even doing  that ,needs a lot of effort.

The fact is that   we really don’t need quilts, either the useful ones on beds, because they are more cheaper when I buy them   or the useless ones on the walls because  I  have not got the master piece yet.

So why am  I quilting? I ask my self this question  very often.What motivates me to quilt?I don’t know.Of course  one reason is my quilt club,fantastic group of friends  whom I like,  who   motivate me  to quilt, who ask   questions about my recent  work, which makes me guilty to say- none. Except that  the real reason is,  thinking makes me happy,getting lost in thoughts make me happy,taking a challenge makes me happy,forgetting all about this world around me  makes me happy Getting lost inbetween colours makes me happy.Quilting is that retreat  which is  taking me away to a world   which is not connected to every day world around me.  I need many worlds. One for every mood.If Saturn and Jupitar  can have several moons why cant I have several worlds?


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