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Shibori/Tie Dye /Indigo Dye

Tie Dye-Rope
Tie Dye-Rope
Rikkakkei Shibori
Rokkakkei Shibori

I have dyed fabric using the Tie and Dye  method for ages.Since I took the Indigo Shibori class with Jane Callender ( http://www.callishibori.co.uk) I have been experimenting  with it. Shibori can produce more unique and  geometrical designs than tie and dye. a mix and match technique  is  what i needed to produce some thing original and different.
Tie Dye
Indigo Shibori Scarf
Silk Scarf  -Clothes pegs ,pegged during the process created the unique design.
Shibori Indigo
Shibori Indigo-class sample
– I tried blocking the fabric with freezer paper, stitched with machine stitching to create this design
Freezer paper blocking
shibori indigo dye


One comment on “Shibori/Tie Dye /Indigo Dye

  1. Wow, very cool results Shayamala

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