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Kuwait Textile Arts Association has a special place in my heart as here where I began my quilting journey, made friends  local as well as hailing from different countries of the world  and experienced the pleasures and heart aces   of winning, loosing and learned the beauty of comradeship.

Here were I found  a forum to express my creativity and grew as a coordinator, teacher,mentor or just a learner from people  who are better than me ,met  experts from all over the world and gave  a proper shape to a hobby as a textile artist .Here from where I represented in different exhibitions in the world.

It was a  satisfying journey in many ways as anything connected to art was and is always dear to heart.

2018 ended with a luncheon , missed many old friends, met many new generation quilters and being in committee for more than 20 years in different capabilities I saw another year pass by and not sure I will be here to witness more or not, but each year  had added its own share of  experience to my life. Memories and experience from every journey of ours is   what we carry on in our lives.

IMG_5889 (3)

2017-2018  KTAA committee posed  for a photo session with President Donna Shaya  for remembrance


‘Why’ A quilt by Naval Al Hazzani

One of my favorite from this years exhibition. Simple techniques but effective and powerful portrayal  of the subject.


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2018 KTAA Exhibition Winners

2018 KTAA  Exhibition Winners

Traditional Bedouin Weaving
Winner: Laila Yaser – Wall Hang
Second: Mutaira Mosalem – Wober bag
Third: Laila Yaser – Bosat

Winner: Hayat Al bloshy
Second: Hayat Al bloshy
Third: Hayat Al bloshy

Fibre Arts
Wearable  Art
Winner: Laila Al Solaiman – Pineaple
Second: Suzanne Mannolini – Harlequin
Third:Laila Al Solaiman – Little house
Highly Commended: Suzanne Mannolini – Pink Cables

Crochet table cloth or Mat

Winner: Lynette Dsouza – Center  piece of tulip
Second:Suzanne Mannolini – Spot  in the pink
Third:Marlyn Kamal – Doily

Winner:Lynette Dsouza – Baby Blanket
Second: Amal Sadek – Happy Days
Third:Amal Sadek – Pinky
Highly Commended: Afifa Behbehani – Baby blanket

Winner: Suzanne Mannolini – Barber welcome in taroudant
Second: Marlyn Kamal – Lamp shade
Third: Amal Sadek – Elegant


Winner:Marlyn Kamal – Laurie Lion

Winner: Marlyn Kamal – Crochet bag
Second: Suzzan Mannolini-2018 string bag
Third: Marlyn Kamal – Shoulder  bag

Traditionally Pieced
Winner: Hanan Al Kazemi – 3D Pyramids
Second: Anette Rasmussen – Cowboy Quilt
Third: Lynette Dsouza – Showers of Flowers
Highly Commended: Laila Alsolaiman – Card trick

Art Quilt
Winner: Nawal AlHazzani – Why
Second: Nawal AlHazzani – Mykonos
Third: Yan Liu – Woman with a Fan

Winner: Nadia Al Jarrah – Autum Allure
Second: Nawal Al Hazzani – 4 Finger
Third: Liliana Casas – This is Colombia
HighlyCommended: Anette Rasmussen – Plates

Paper Pieced
Winner: Yan Liu – Dear Hannah
Second: Hanan Al Kazemi – Prince of Humanity
Third: Anette Rasmussen – Drops

Modern  Quilt
Winner: Afifa Behbehani – Zodiac Signs
Second:Laila Al Solaiman 3D

Mix Techniques
Winner: Maha Al Ajeel – Blue Garden
Second: Hanan Al Kazemi – My Shelf
Third:Laila Al Solaiman – Crazy Quilt

Winner: Maddi ElIssawi – Beyond the Galaxy
Second: Yasmin Gallego – Bedroom decorative
Third: Venesa Varela – Lucia
HighlyCommended: Esraa Marafi – Mini Quilt

Judges choice by Lisbet Borggreen: Nawal Al Hazzani – Mykonos

Best in Show:  Hanan Al Kazemi – 3D Pyramids

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KTAA and Quilting

Kuwait  Textiles Art  Association saw the end of another year  and another quilt and fiber arts exhibition. As I was helping to hang the exhibits as well as , today watching the judged,  award winning pieces , my mind was  traveling back in time.

I had seen it all , the beginning , growth and changes that time brought to the quilting scene of Kuwait. Few of us who were there from the birth of the quilt group since 1999 and exhibited in the first exhibition to now fondly remember the way we started and walked ahead as a group . These were the fond memories we will carry where ever we go.There was an unspoken bonding among us, at times the members consisted of 19 different nationalities .Most of  the best judges and teachers of the world had visited us. Many of us  have exhibited in the best exhibitons  of the world.

Today looking at the 19 th exhibition there is one change I can clearly see is the growth of local quilters. Few years before  they were the bystanders except a few , watching  others,  with more exposure to life and outside world and more than anything , hold over language , winning all the top awards.

But today majority of the awards are won by the local girls which is commendable. What  I see  in the exhibition may not be of exquisite quality work but equisit in out of the box ideas, enthusiasm to participate and willingness to experiment .Most of them are very new to quilting but it looks like finally  they have arrived.

As it is my 19 th year with this group I am happy for that.Some of them are my students at some point

.The quilt and fiber art coordinators did a wonderful job  of braking the language barrier by being bilingual, explaining and teaching the ladies .

The judge Lisbet Borggreen  from Denmark held a  couple of workshops and I could see the girls enjoying it.

Hoping to see better work each year though I may move on  and move out like many of my predicisors



Best of show- 3D Pyramids by Hanan Al Kazemi



Modern Quilts First place -Afifa Behbehani


Beginner-First Place Maddie ElIssawi


Mix Technique First -Maha Saleh Alajeel


Art Quilt First Place -Naval Al Hazzani






Nadia Aljarrah



Laila Al Sulaiman








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Long Time No See

‘Long time no see’ is a popular  greetings specially in  India when you meet friends after a gap.   Recently when I entered my studio after a long brake this is the greetings I got  from my ‘quilt and fabric art ‘ supplies,tools, books and bits and pieces of fabric.

I  missed the clutter they created, the flying spools of thread, the ready to attack my feet needles and pins standing on the floor,the bits of fabric pieces ready to follow me to the rest of the house hugging my clothes,the 101 open books with  technique info pages which  make me shrug and say with pride that ‘Oh I know this already’. I missed it all. One fine day I was not happy spending my life only in my studio and missed the rest of the world activities and walked out all most owing never to return or took a long brake.The advantage of being your own master.

Familiarity breeds contempt was the result of our long relationship but now the brake has proved that, I miss this hobby , it is close to my heart,  I miss the postings I do , the articles I write that makes the grammar freaks rearing  to strangle me but the people who’s  heart rules the brain, love me.

I am in blissful peace in this relationship   and need to mend the relationship and find a mid way path which  Lord Buddha teaches.No extremes, no missing morning walks to put a few more stitches, no missing a weekend lunch to  cut fabric for ten more blocks.,no midnight waking up to  rip a part which all looked fine up till evening until the 100th  time I scrutinized it.

‘Everything in moderation’ should be the mantra.



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Membership Meeting -2016 October

  • Kuwait Textile Arts Association

    Membership Meeting

    October 5, 2016

    10:00 am to 12Noon

  • Beit Sadu, Arabian Gulf Street, Opposite the Kuwait National Library

  • Former and Future members are invited to a Meet and Greet Membership Meeting, with a “Show and Tell” demonstration.
  • If you are a lover of Fibre Arts, Crochet, Quilting, and Textile Arts you are welcome to network, share and learn a textile art. Come to join our group. Membership and membership information offered during the meeting,
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‘London Roads’ Meets its Owner

Ajjis First Quilt DSC04528


It was in the year 1999 my world came to an end or so I thought  when the baby birds flew out of the nest all grown up and  in search of wider skies.There  I was siting in an empty nest, dint know what  to do with my time. 

I had plenty of things to do too but nothing  held my interest for a long time.  That is when I heard  about this lady Jane and her  intention of starting a  quilt group,as it turned out be the first official quilt group of Kuwait and KTAA.  Textiles.painting, art work  were always  my hobby even before . But little did  I knew then, quilting  is going to be a hobby for life.

 As directed by Jane Ellis  McNaboe we started our very first group and  quilt . The terms like  1/4 inch,  rotary cutter , piecing ,sandwich(Oh no not from bread), basting,quilting  were not the words   in our dictionaries then. I can still hear her words of’ exact 1/4 inch seam allowance , not even a hairs breadth difference should be there when you piece’, still  ringing in my ears:)



That is how my very first quilt , ‘The London roads’ was created in the year May 2000. It was all a  labour of love and the time came to label it . My  two sons, most dear to my heart  just out of house , I didn’t know  which one of them to give it  and then as a novel thought I labeled  it as a gift to my first grand child 🙂 The label read as ‘London Roads, 18 fabrics in 5 colors, machine pieced and quilted, finished in May 2000 , Gift to my first grand child’.



16 years later In April 2016  my  grandson Khajit is born  and my wait is over and  I could give him the quilt.


This moment is so special to me as a quilter. It is even bigger than my winning best of shows or getting  several awards and ribbons  in the last 16 years.

I am still quilting, My  own original creation ‘Dragons and  Ladder’ functional  game quilt  created in 2006 tucked for Khajit’s cousin , yet to arrive, in future and to play together.


 I   see  more  quilts to quilt,more people to inspire ,teach and  more dreams to achieve in the coming years.



But for now I am happy that Quit of love ,The London roads, met  the owner our first grandchild.